I built a new recording rig that I’m excited about. I don’t like to talk too much gear on this site, but I’m quite pleased with the performance and cost-effectiveness of it. I have more tone-shaping options in the analog domain for tracking to work with. I also picked up a few new microphones that expand my arsenal of recording tools in a very useful way.

To test drive the new rig, I asked Eddy Dyer if he was up for a session. This song is the result. I also used the session as the basis for an upcoming Recording Magazine article about recording singer/guitarists at the same time. We got together with my new mics and rig, and the portable acoustic panels I bring to remote sessions, and we had a great quality mobile studio set up.

Then this happened:

We recorded two takes of Eddy playing his new Taylor guitar and singing at the same time. The first take was the best one; that’s the one you hear throughout most of the song. But the second take was really good too, so I edited it in to match the flow of the first take. That’s the 2nd guitar and the reverby chorus vocals you hear in the second half of the song. It was a nice moment, I’m lucky to have had my rig there to capture it.

Do you see?

Maine Thunderstorm Field Recording

I love to make field recordings of natural sounds & events. A really cool thunderstorm blew threw here the other day and I got a nice stereo recording. It’s been edited down to 40 minutes. The thunder really picks up about 3 minutes in, and is at its loudest between there and about 10 minutes in. It continues off & on. Also you will here the forest insects and the rain, and possibly the occasional vehicle driving by in the distance.

I was struck by the height dimension; in some of the thunderclaps you can hear the air rushing upwards, getting further from you. Very cool. This will make an ideal background or sound effects track for various applications, so I’m releasing it under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Listen below or download the mp3 directly (this is a relatively low-res 128kbps mp3; if you require a higher-res version of it contact me).

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