Construction is officially underway….

Exciting news. This week I’ve officially begun construction of the Crafted Recordings studio. Details on the studio build (including photos) will be posted soon (either here or somewhere else, I haven’t decided where).

The studio is a one-room design, suitable for small ensemble recording, overdubs, and of course mixing and mastering. It will be soundproofed, so I don’t bother neighbors and so I can’t hear logging truck rumbling by in my recordings. It will also (obviously) be treated to sound good.

This studio will also serve as my office for my RealTraps work.

Studio Design/Acoustics, and updates

I have added a Studio Design/Acoustics page to this site. It will talk about my Acoustics consultation services, and it will house educational articles as I write them. The first such article is Three First Steps Toward A Good-Sounding Room.

As of late, I have been learning Google Sketchup, which is a great tool for doing 3D drawings. It’s quite easy to draw studio plans with it, once you get the hang of it.

I know acoustics well enough, but adding this skill will help my Studio Design/Acoustics Consulting. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Additionally, it will help my work with Realtraps. I’m pleased to say that I’ve accepted a fulltime job with them.

I’m also rethinking the rack design, although they are built they are just huge. I will likely keep the computer rack and modify it some (I want to change the angle of the screens). I also decided to go with a laptop for more portability. I can go with some smaller cases and be much more portable than these 2 racks. I won’t even need a trailer. :-D

I didn’t announce it, but I have booked my first client, even though Crafted Recording’s doors aren’t yet “officially” open. He’s a singer/songwriter; I’m looking forward to recording him.