nice pair of racks!

I’m well into construction for the portable racks. These are turning out larger than anticipated, large enough in fact that they won’t fit into my car! Not good. But, I think a small cargo trailer is the best solution, and seems like a workable compromise.

Here are the pics…. One is further along than the other, the right on has the sides and the removable front and back panels done. These racks will ultimately be painted black and then covered with black carpet.


This is hopefully what the view from above will look like…. a mixer in the top of one rack, and 2 – 20″ LCD monitors stacked in the other.


A side view.


Back view. The one on the left has the sides and the removeable rear panel in place.


The view with the rear panel removed, leaning up against the rack.


The front panel installed.


The front panel removed and leaning against the rack.


For size reference, this is my beautiful 10 year old daughter posing.


The 2 racks. Indeed, a luscious pair!


Nice pair of racks, coming right at you…