Studio Design/Acoustics, and updates

I have added a Studio Design/Acoustics page to this site. It will talk about my Acoustics consultation services, and it will house educational articles as I write them. The first such article is Three First Steps Toward A Good-Sounding Room.

As of late, I have been learning Google Sketchup, which is a great tool for doing 3D drawings. It’s quite easy to draw studio plans with it, once you get the hang of it.

I know acoustics well enough, but adding this skill will help my Studio Design/Acoustics Consulting. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Additionally, it will help my work with Realtraps. I’m pleased to say that I’ve accepted a fulltime job with them.

I’m also rethinking the rack design, although they are built they are just huge. I will likely keep the computer rack and modify it some (I want to change the angle of the screens). I also decided to go with a laptop for more portability. I can go with some smaller cases and be much more portable than these 2 racks. I won’t even need a trailer. :-D

I didn’t announce it, but I have booked my first client, even though Crafted Recording’s doors aren’t yet “officially” open. He’s a singer/songwriter; I’m looking forward to recording him.