Part time recording, sound samples

Well, Crafted Recordings is now (more or less) up and running, though it is clearly a part-time thing for me. When I began manifesting CR a while back, it was before I had a massive job shift in my family…. I am now working fulltime in acoustics and don’t have as much time for recording as I would like.

This is actually a blessing, as it allows me only to take on projects that I’m really interested in, or feel like I could do a very good job on. So keep contacting me if you are interesting in having me record you. We can work out details, and I am always happy to take on new gigs as time permits.

It’s been fun recording the people I have so far. We “test drove” my new, laptop-based mobile recording rig in making the Freakwitch album Interconnected for the RPM Challenge. For those who don’t know, the RPM challenge is the music equivalent of National Novel Writing Month. We had to complete the album, start-to-finish, in one month. So the final result is OK, they all are rough mixes (no more than 2-3 hours spent mixing each song), and I violated The Golden Rule Of Mastering (never master your own work).

As such, they are great songs, hastily recorded, with crude drum programming, rough mixes and hack mastering job. :-) But hey, it sounds decent, and it was a good warmup for the next round of recordings, in which we wait until they are really finished until we release them. The best recording, sound-wise, was The Rain Song which you can hear on the Freakwitch RPM challenge page.