Back to it!!!!

Well, after half a year off from the studio build, I’m back at it. Several factors contributed to this, not the least of which is that we seriously contemplated moving. But, we’ve decided to stay put, which means the studio build is back on.

Next step was to remove the side door. Did that today. I still need to put the trim work up, but here is what it looks like from the outside:

On the left is the trash bin I had to build a while back (can’t store trash in the studio). In the middle you can see the now-plugged doorway, and on the right is the door I removed. I will most likely re-use this door for the outside of the studio (outer leaf). It will be beefed up a bit for security.

From the inside, the old doorway now looks like this:

That’s the doorway, with new framing and a new cut piece of siding, toward the right where the side door used to be. You can still see the open garage door; that’s next.

Next step: remove the garage door, frame up the opening, install the side door in its place, and then finally put more siding in place to cover it up. Once this is done, it will be time to beef up and insulate the outer shell. Also, need to get electricity into the garage before winter hits. Not much time left!

Managed to finish up just in time for a beautiful sunset through my woods: