Exterior Work…. done!!

From all outside appearances, the outside of the studio is…. finished! Of course there is a ton of work left to do, but definite progress is being made. Feels good.

As a reminder, here’s what I began with:

And here’s what it looks like now, after a year and a half of (very) part-time work:

From a different angle, including where the side door used to be:

And a closeup of the new front door, with the trimwork installed:

And finally, a view from inside, showing the new door install with the framing:

The new siding on the outside is much lighter in color than the rest of the siding, but once it ages for a year or so it will be a much closer match. You can already see the shed, which was installed last year, looks very close to the garage.

This is very exciting, lots of visible progress.

Next steps: real electricity into the garage. Need to get the trench dug before the ground freezes. Also, I have to “beef up” the outer shell, especially on the side that faces the house. This step will be the first step that does not follow conventional construction techniques and instead uses techniques specifically designed for stopping sound. I’ll be sure to document this carefully!

Once the beefup is done, it will be time to insulate the garage.