Last summer, I had the pleasure of doing sound at a show in Unity, Maine. Among the performers was 1476, a band from Massachusetts that had a fantastic sound. The main thrust of the day was to do front of house sound for the show, but I also did a quick and dirty multitrack recording as well.

1476 played a great set, and contacted me afterwards wanting to get a copy of the gig. I listened, did some tweaking and a quick and dirty mix, and sent the set off to them. It was a great performance, they are a duo of an acoustic guitar/singer and a drummer and have a very full sound, good songs with great arrangements and a singer I believe (I’m notoriously picky about singers… heh).

Everything ended up working out well enough that they had the set pressed to CD, and gave a copy away with the first round of orders for their new EP. I just got my copy of it today, and it’s cool!

Here’s a sound sample, a track called “When The Curtain Falls”:

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!