Podcast Episode 3: Pagans & Prisons


This episode begins with the sound of rainfall. I knew the rain was coming and set up the recorder outside under shelter. When I went back an hour later to retrieve the recorder, I was astonished to see that there was snow on the ground. So the recording transitioned over from rain to snow. You can hear the transition in the podcast if you pay attention. The snow has a softer sound than the rain, though it was still a wet snow and it isn’t a huge difference.

Next is a gorgeous 28″ community drum that was played by the Order of Maine Druidry. Thanks to them for the rhythm and holding space.

The bulk of the podcast are thoughts from several members of the Maine Pagan Clergy Association, all of whom do some kind of work or ministry in prisons. Thanks to Alban Artur, Kevin Emmons, and Janine Marie for their thoughts and insights, and for the work they do.

In addition, this podcast sees the first contribution from Dr. Bones, a writer over at Gods & Radicals, who delivers a fine rant.

All other background music by me.

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