Podcast Episode 4: Dreams, Enchantment, & Living Magically

Antonio_de_Pereda_-_El_sueño_del_caballeroThe first thing you hear in this episode is my favorite natural spring in the world, on a mountainside near my home in Maine. The water that comes from this spring is a blessing, it is the best water I have ever tasted.

Next you hear Eddy Dyer‘s guitar, a performance I recorded recently at a benefit concert. Some drums come in, followed by another nice rant by Dr. Bones. Then you hear a remixed version of Eddy’s performance of a medley: “Under The City” (music by Jimmy Otis, lyrics by Eddy Dyer), followed by a Cure cover, “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep” (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Tolhurst/Williams).

Finally, we have a talk from C.S. Thompson  on Dreams, Enchantment, and Living Magically.

Thanks to the spirits of the spring for their song, to Eddy for his enchantment, and to Dr Bones & C.S. Thompson for their wisdom.

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